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Why Are People Moving to Austin?

Austin is rapidly growing, with new construction and rennovation happening every day! If you're a local business, advertising to newcomers is a critical market.​

The statistics below demonstrate why people are moving to Austin. 

Austin residents are educated.

Many new families are drawn to Austin because of the education opportunites.

  • 60% have Bachelor's degree or more

  • Rank #8 most educated cities in the United States

  • Location of The University of Texas

Austin offers job opportunity.

Austin's extensive job opportunity entices many experienced workers and recent graduates. 

  • 96.7% employment rate

  • 14.7% employed by government

  • Sites of: Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Dell, and more

Austin has an affordable cost of living

Austin has a relatively affordable cost of living compared to other cities with a similar job market.

  • $590,000 average home closing price

  • $1,707 average monthly rent

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